Is my N95 Mask Preserver safe?

Yes, N95 Mask Preserver is manufactured here in New England with the industrial polymer called Total 3620 WZ Polypropylene. The same medical grade plastics used to manufacture hospital syringes and other medical products.

Is my N95 Mask Preserver Antibacterial?

Yes, our product is manufactured with the industrial additive called Withstand. Our product is Antimicrobial, Anti-Fungal, Anti Mold & Anti Mildew.

Is the N95 Mask Preserver portable?

Yes, the unit molded with a support hole on the lid for easy clip on to your uniform.

Is the N95Mask Preserver washable?

Yes, you can wash your mask preserverer with any hospital disinfectant wipes, or just plain soap and water. The Withstand Antimicrobial solution is built into the product and cannot be washed away.

How long will the N95 Mask Preserver last?

The N95 Mask Preserver is made in the USA, in Fitchburg Massachusetts, utilizing only FDA, highest quality materials. The living hinge design has been researches and tested to provide thousands of openings and closing cycles without failure.

How does my purchase help others?

Your purchase allows us to donate our product to those healthcare institutions that need our help.  By donating the N95 Mask Preserver to those in need, we give back to the community.

Why should I trust this device to protect my PPE?

The N95 Mask Preserver was created by an ER Nurse, (Me). I took the time to have only the best and the brightest Engineers help design this product for us Frontline healthcare workers. The N95 Mask Preserver replaces your {brown paper bag} that your mask was issued. This unit provides the protection our N95 mask needs from getting crushed , soiled or damaged.

How will the N95 Mask Preserver save hospitals money?  (And use it to give us raises ?)

I have seen so many nurses and doctors leave their mask on their desk, store it in their bag, hang it next to the printer (no joke, I have pictures). Only to find that their mask is crushed; offering no protection against Covid-19, or any other Airborne disease we are trying not to catch. Then, we request a new one, several times a day/week. By protecting your N95 in Mask Preserver, it keeps it safe and secure- decreasing the amount of unnecessary waste due to integrity failures and poor storage practices, like the brown paper bag.

Does the N95 mask Preserver hold different types of N95 masks?

Yes, The N95 Mask Preserver is equipped to store most all N95 masks, including the KN-95 brands.

Why shouldn’t I just keep my mask in a Tupperware container, What’s the difference between that & the N95 Mask Preserver? 

The N95 Mask Preserver provides a safe, structured place to store your mask that is antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-mold and anti-mildew. While it will not disinfect your mask, the antimicrobial additive Withstand®  will inhibit microbes from multiplying while your N95 mask is in the container. Tupperware or similar home containers could certainly protect the structure of your N95 mask, but they are not antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-mold or anti-mildew; you also can’t clip them to your belt for easy transport

Why is N95 Mask Preserver marketing to individual nurses and doctors instead of hospitals? 

The N95 Mask Preserver is available to everyone – individual nurses and healthcare professionals as well as hospital and healthcare systems with employees that are required to wear an N95 mask. Individual and bulk purchases, as well as applications for donations of our product to non-profits and health care organizations in need, are all possible at