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Timothy creator of N95 Mask Preserver

As a seasoned Registered Nurse, I never imagined that I would find myself in the middle of a devastating pandemic. In July 2020, COVID-19 was rampant in our Emergency Department. Our PPE was in short supply, and we were tasked with reusing our N95 masks – which had no substantial forms of protection – for up to a week at a time. Shift after shift, I saw our N95 masks get damaged and distorted, and I said to myself, “There has got to be a better way!”

Today I am thrilled to share the availability of the new N95 Mask Preserver – an affordable, durable, U.S-manufactured PPE protection device developed for healthcare workers on the COVID-19 frontlines. The N95 Mask Preserver is built with antimicrobial, antifungal, mold and mildew inhibiting technology. It will protect your masks from damage and contamination, ensuring they last longer and keep you safer. It also significantly reduces waste and expense for hospital systems investing in equipment to protect their workers.

I founded this company to help protect my fellow healthcare workers performing essential deeds every day, and your purchase will help extend its availability to others.

If you know of a nonprofit medical facility in need of the N95 Mask Preserver, I invite you to visit our Contact Page and nominate them for a donated supply.

Beckers Hospital Review’s 12 Nurse Innovators recognized for 2021